SwedAm Public Relations, LLC, is a public relations firm headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area. It specializes in delivering marketing communications and PR services to corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations which do business in both the Scandinavian and American markets.

With our networks, capabilities and understanding on both sides of the Atlantic, we can provide all phases in the communications values chain, including analysis, design, execution and monitoring of communications strategies and campaigns. SwedAm Public Relations is particularly focused on solving intercultural communications issues for Scandinavian businesses doing business in North America, and for North American businesses doing business in Scandinavia.  Its capabilities in this regard are matched by few other communications companies.  

Therese Lindé, president of the firm, is very experienced in providing public relations services in the Scandinavian market with over 15 years of experience covering all phases in the communication value chain. She has worked in senior level management positions both on the agency and corporate sides of the business.  Her background includes work at one of Sweden’s largest insurance and banking companies (Länsförsäkringar), at the central bank of Sweden (Sveriges Riksbank) and also as a senior advisor for a wide range of clients while working at public relations agencies. Over the years she has been worked for such clients as the Prime Minister’s Office, the State Department, the Swedish Parliament, the Stockholm County Council, the Swedish Armed Forces, Kodak Nordic, Gillette, Faurecia Exhaust Systems, Dow Chemical, Moelven and SAP.

Ms. Lindé is also the newly elected chairman for the SNS Washington Committee (the Swedish Centre for Business and Policy Studies). She has proficiency in English and Swedish (native), and a working knowledge of French, Norwegian and Danish.


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