What motivates us?

When working with communications, sales, leadership (or just being a parent)  it’s important to focus on what motivate your stakeholder, no matter if it’s a client or an employee. Is is a bonus? A challenging task? A meaningful task? I would say a combination, others (Wall Street) maybe would say higher bonuses.

Well, below is a fantastic 10 minute multimedia overview of Dan Pink’s book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates US (narrated by Dan). The book explains how intrinsic motivation works and how each of us can find the surest path to high performance, creativity, health and well-being. Watch the presentation >>

Dan Pink shows that bonuses are not working as a motivator if the task is just slightly complex. What really triggers people to perform well or outstanding is if they are challenged, can achieve mastery and if they feel they can make a contribution.

Mr. Pink also talks about how important it is having a purpose – other than profit – in order to engage people. This is also what Simon Sinek has written a book about: “Start with why”. I recommend you to take a closer look at his website as well: http://www.startwithwhy.com/


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